About Me

My name is Angela Streit pronounced (Street). I am a Jersey girl but I live in Florida. In 2009 I graduated high school and moved to college. A week before I started college I met a guy named Brian and we hit it off. In 2010 I graduated with a AS in Graphic Design and Brian proposed to me. In 2011 I graduated with my BS in Digital Arts and Design from Full Sail University. At the end of that year Brian his daughter Mariah and I moved as I got my first Graphic Design job. In March of 2012 I found out I was pregnant with our first child. Brian and I got married in September and had Chloe Amanda in November. Ever since then I have been a stay at home mom and love it. I have come to find out that I love to bake and cook. We have also welcomed Brooke Elizabeth who was born at the end of March. So I have a 6 year old a 2 year old and an almost 1 year old and in case you missed it they are ALL GIRLS. That's where I get the name Butterflies and Kupcakes. My girls are my butterflies pretty and unique in their own way and Kupcakes because I love to bake. Now that I'm going to have all my girls home at once I am always looking for new and fun activities and when I find them I will share them with you. Yes my hands will be full but my New Years Resolution is to share more. Fun times, new recipes, kid activities, our achievements and more. I hope you all enjoy my blog and I hope that I can bring some yummy recipes or fun kid projects to your family to enjoy.