Monday, March 31, 2014

Brooke Elizabeth is Here

My baby girl is finally here!! 

Friday March 14th my husband and I met up with my mom and mother-in-law at the hospital where I was being induced at 11am. I was exactly 37 weeks and had some symptoms of preeclampsia. They started me on magnesium which burned my arm for awhile and then they started me on pitocin. At 7cm  I asked for the epidural and that is when it all went downhill. As the doctor was putting the epidural in I only felt pressure in my left side and was very uncomfortable. A little while later I started throwing up and passing out and the doctors couldn't figure out why. I remember opening my eyes and my husband told them to check my sugar as I am a Type 1 diabetic but that wasn't it. After a little while more I remember coming back opening my eyes and six nurses were there. My nurse was talking to another saying that my blood pressure dropped but it didn't read for 35 minutes. A doctor came in and said that the baby's heart rate was dropping and they had to do a c-section. Well they prepped me, took me in and I could barely keep my eyes open. My husband came in and they started he told me that she was out but I didn't hear any crying. I kept waiting and waiting and finally I heard her cry. I heard them say she was 10lbs 1oz and 22 in long. I saw her for 2 seconds before they took her to make sure she was okay. The next day I got a phone call in the room saying that Brooke was being taken to the NICU for her sugar being low. I was still very very sleepy but I got down there and they explained to me that she was put on an IV for not being able to keep her blood sugar up and she wasn't eating. I told them that I could barely keep my eyes open she probably felt the same way. On March 17th St. Patrick's Day I was discharged from the hospital and was now staying at the Ronald Mcdonald house while Brooke was in the NICU. After the 4th day I got a phone call saying they were going to start Ad Lib feeding her which meant she could eat what she wanted when she wanted but that day I went in she still had a feeding tube in and the nurse told me they were making her gain weight before they started the Ad Lib feeding so if she didn't do well she wouldn't loose anymore weight. The next day came and went the next day came and went and we were a week in at the NICU. I asked one of the nurses when they were going to start Ad Lib feeding and she told me think weeks not days she has to eat 85ml by herself without the feeding tube. The next day my husband rose hell and told them we wanted her transferred to a hospital near us because we still had my mom and our 2 girls staying at the Ronald Mcdonald house. That night I got a call saying they were removing the tube. Well she ate great by herself and after 24 hrs they discharged her. We are all home safe and sound and she is doing great.

Brooke Elizabeth was born on March 14th 2014 at 10:25pm 10lbs 1oz 22in long and one tough cookie.

All cuddled up and happy to be home.

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