Thursday, February 19, 2015

September 2014

Mariah's 6th Birthday and Our 2 year Anniversary

Mariah had a small birthday this year just with family. After my shopping trip to Lush Mariah really liked the bath bombs after I gave her the bath bot with Lavender to help get the girls ready for bed after bath time. So I went to Downtown Disney and bought her some Mickey Mouse bath bombs and some jewelry for her birthday and she really loved them. Then we had some Neon Hot Pink Cake so very girly. A few days after her birthday is our anniversary so we decided to go to St. Augustine for the weekend. We had such a great time we got to relax, sleep, explore, and eat some yummy food. We climbed a lighthouse (what in the what were we thinking) our legs burned a week later. We ate at a nice seafood restaurant and got to have an adult conversation because we barely have that with 3 young ones around. It was nice and we enjoyed it. A week after our anniversary it's my parents anniversary so we went to Daytona the next weekend. Two years in a row they have gone to Daytona and we will go for the day and go out to dinner with them. Although this year they got an RV so I don't think they are going to Daytona this year. No matter what happens we always have fun.

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